Kwara Mamacare 360 Classes


Nigeria is the country where nearly 20% of all global maternal deaths happen. Between 2005 and 2015, it is estimated that over 600 000 maternal deaths and no less than 900 000 maternal near-miss cases occurred in the country. A study conducted by Wellbeing Foundation Africa identified ignorance and lack of education; Poor access to transportation to Primary Health care facilities; Strong cultural and traditional belief systems including financially incentivised traditional birth attendants (TBAs); strong influence by parents and husband; Avoidance of suturing, episiotomy, and repeated vaginal examination; A belief that anaesthetics hinder wounds from healing fast and naturally; Perception that they are in better control of the delivery process, and what happens to them when they are at home, unlike being restricted to the ethics that guide doctors in the hospitals; Some feel more comfortable at home where they can be around their family; Celebrations at the birth of the child are more easily done at home; in addition to the cost associated with delivery; as some of the reasons why pregnant women do not utilise medical facilities during and after pregnancies. Compelled by these alarming findings and the need to provide nursing mothers and pregnant women with top-notch antenatal and postnatal classes, and reduce maternal and neonatal deaths, WBFA implemented its Mamacare360 classes that are being run in the following states: Abuja, Lagos, Osun, Kano, Sokoto, Cross River and Kwara states.

Programme Objectives

The Mamacare360˚ programme was designed to achieve the following objectives:

Project Impact

The WBFA Kwara State office frontline Midwives and their assistants/support staff runs the MamaCare360 Antenatal and Postnatal classes weekly.

The total number of MamaCare360 classes runs in 13 facilities:

Adewole Cottage Hospital

Airforce Medical Centre

Ajikobi Cottage Hospital

Children Specialist Hospital

Civil Service Clinic

Kwara State General Hospital Ilorin

Okelele Primary Healthcare

Police Clinic Kulende

Sobi Barracks Clinic

Surulere Hospital

Tolulope Clinic

University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital

Also, our Mamacare 360 classes have been expanded to where WBFA has its EmONC skills labs located at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital. in 2020, in Kwara State, we engaged 12 PHC and reached 12,735 pregnant women and 9,182 midwives.