Citizenship & Democracy 

Actions to encourage improved participation in
democratic and civic processes


The challenge

Politics is often the weak point of emerging democracies, as economic and development plans require stability to be effective. Over the years, we have seen large economic gains undermined by a few weeks of mindless politics. As a result, Nigerians and the people of other nations have become very cynical about their democratic rights. They have seen little evidence to suggest that their votes have any sway over governmental proceedings. The Foundation aims to inform the people by illustrating the power of democracy and showing them that governments perform best when they know that they have power solely at the pleasure of the people, and that if they fail to perform, that power will be withdrawn.


What we’ve done

South Carolina Black History Month

As part of our citizenship and democracy programme, we recently took part in the Black History Month of Columbia, South Carolina. The event opened a new vista in our relationship with the African Diaspora, all of whom were pleased to meet us, talk to us and learn new things about Nigeria, as well as new opportunities for co- operation between us, which are currently being explored.

Nigeria Day

As mentioned above, we held a Nigeria day at Port Regis in the UK, which catered to the needs of pupils of Nigerian blood at English schools who felt left out of activities because so many other nationals have observed nation-days. Thanks to our intervention, these pupils felt a real sense of pride and citizenship.

Actions to encourage improved participation in democratic and civic processes