Actions to encourage economic
enterprise in Kwara State


What We’ve Done

Conscious of the limitations of efforts at attaining sustainable development when the majority of Kwara’s women are left uneducated and without economic empowerment, Alaafia Kwara is dedicated to securing more opportunities to empower them economically. Some of the bold steps taken to ensure the empowerment of women are:

Alaafia Kwara ‘Women Can Work From Home’ Program

Women have been empowered with sewing machines, hair dryers, kiosks, umbrellas, chairs, tables and coolers, from which they can earn a living and provide for their families, while still being able to care daily for their children.

Alaafia Kwara Market Linkage Programme

collaboration with the Lagos-based Growing Business Foundation (GBF), 5000 women will be given telephones under a micro-credit scheme, in an attempt to link them to more business opportunities in the state and beyond.

Alaafia Kwara Women’s Cooperative Farm

Established to encourage women to own their own farms and contribute to the development of their community economies, the Women’s Cooperative Farm is divided into freely accessible allotments where rural women may grow their own produce for use or sale, with central training support in planting and harvesting. Over a hundred bags of produce from the farm were donated to the UN’s Fashion for Food Programme in 2006.

Supporting Kwaran Crafts

We make every effort to support as many of the traditional arts and crafts techniques in Kwara State, and in particular the Dada Women’s Pottery Cooperative, the Ilorin Beekeeping Industry and the various producers of soap and shea butter-based products. We supply training and provide them with access to small loans and opportunities available through SMEDAN.


We’re also keen to encourage family commerce and so offer small grants to families looking to start petty trading.

Actions to encourage economic enterprise in Kwara State