Actions to improve educational standards
for all Nigerians


The challenge

While the state of education has improved in Nigeria over the last few decades, with primary school enrolment at 93% of the child population and the literacy rate reaching 60.1%, there is still room for great improvement. Not only is there a need to refocus on teaching practical skills relevant in a developing economy, but also a requirement to cross-reference more profoundly with human resources organisations in the country to make sure that professional needs are being met. It is believed that knowledge such as this would enable the creation of new, more focused educational frameworks that would raise the enrolment rate in secondary education, which currently stands at around a third of those enrolling in primary education.


we’ve done

The Wellbeing Foundation believes that access to functional education for all Nigerians is central to the wellbeing of the people, as well as the development of the country. The foundation has therefore designed several programmes, some of which it initiated and some of which it collaborates with others to achieve.

Integrated Education: Al Muwahideen Nursery Primary School, Ori-Oke

In line with our bottom-up approach to development and with the participation of Ori- Oke community members, the WBF funded this pilot initiative to address literacy in faith-based educational institutions. We constructed and equipped the school, as well as making a donation to the community, resulting in a unique initiative that provides full universal basic education with popular Quranic teaching, thereby ensuring potential for independent thought alongside received religious instruction.

Wellbeing Foundation Schools Furniture program

We have equipped over 32 primary and secondary schools spread throughout the 16 Local Government Areas in Kwara State with essential classroom furniture and equipment.

Textbooks and Learning Materials Program

WBF publishes and distributes textbooks and learning materials such as mathematical instruments annually to entry-level students at selected primary and secondary schools in Kwara State.

The Education Enhancement Village

WBF is in the process of building an education facility that will use human resources to meet several of the urgent personnel needs of Nigeria. Apart from essential literacy and numeracy skills, this institution will also provide a more functional education in order to prepare all students for the entrepreneurial challenges of a developing economy like that of Nigeria.

The Toyin Saraki Moot Court Competition

This is a pan-Nigerian event sponsored by the WBF to sharpen the advocacy skills of students in the law faculties of the nation’s universities and is usually keenly completed. It has already produced some impressive results, with several former winners going on to represent Nigeria in competitions outside the country, and coming back with medals. Another of the Foundation’s aims is to facilitate the training of more human rights lawyers.

The Wellbeing Foundation Scholarships

WBF has established a scholarship scheme open to students of all ages from across Nigeria, with very simple criteria: the applying student must show complete willingness to be educated and a genuine desire to progress. There is no other requirement because we support the determination of every Nigerian to pursue an educational career. We also award an annual HIV/AIDS scholarship for HIV/AIDS orphans, in conjunction with Child Care Trust.

Educational Grants 

WBF is a socially responsible organisation, responding to the needs of educational institutions from time to time. Those that have benefited from our financial intervention include:
  • St Saviours, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Performing Arts Department, University of llorin, Kwara, Nigeria
  • Institute of Child Health, University Teaching Hospital, Enugu, Nigeria
  • Child Development Centre, Lagos
  • Daycare-crêche facility, University of llorin,
Kwara, Nigeria (in association with the National Association of Women Academics)

What we for

The education of all Nigerians in the first nine years of their lives, in accordance with the Universal Basic Education of the Federal Government, is one of the policies which we push governments to implement – after all, every Nigerian believes in it too.
WBF believes that the education of one girl is the education of a generation. The education of the girl-child is therefore central to the development of families, communities and the nation. As a result, WBF is committed to ensuring that as many Nigerian girls as possible should be enrolled in school and given the opportunity to complete their education. We believe this will make our women better wives and mothers and secure the future development and prosperity of the country.
WBF campaigns for the adequate and universal education of all people with special needs, whatever the challenges they face. We also lobby for the establishment of facilities to make learning easier for those people with special needs attending regular schools.

Actions to improve educational standards for all Nigerians