Arts & Culture 

Actions to encourage and promote indigenous
arts and culture


The challenge

“Art is man’s constant effort to create for himself a different order of reality from that which is given to him.” So wrote Chinua Achebe, although he makes no comment about the thousands of different realities in Nigeria, which result naturally in a fragmented cultural output. What else can one expect from a country with 510 different living languages? So while Nigeria doubtless has an extremely rich cultural history and diverse talent, the issue lies in its lack of co- ordination, which is a major stumbling block to a united cultural output.


we’ve done

WBF not only takes pride in, and encourages, the indigenous arts and culture of the Nigerian people, but we also realise the need to communicate it – and one of the best ways to communicate it is to use it for communication itself. So we are dedicated to employing the use of drama, music and dance in all of our programmes.

Nigeria Day

WBF recently spearheaded the first-ever Nigeria Day at Port Regis, an educational institution in the United Kingdom. Nigerian food, arts and culture took centre stage for the day, to the appreciation and delight of the school authorities and parents from other parts of the world.

Other Interventions Include 

• Promotion of Nigerian Talents for international events
• Promotion of the arts in schools

Actions to encourage and promote indigenous arts and culture