Human Rights

Actions for improving the human
rights of all Nigerians


The challenge

How can universal human rights exist in a culturally diverse world? How can cultural diversity and integrity be respected in a global society? These are some of the concerns and questions that fuel the debate over universal human rights and cultural relativism. If the protection of human rights is to be perceived as culturally relative, then it should only be subject to State discretion. But mostly through the ongoing work of the UN, universality of human rights has been clearly established and recognized in international law as a natural-born right for every human being.


we’ve done

Because the WBF cares about protecting the rights of the vulnerable members of society, we provide pro bono legal services for indigent men, women and children. But we are also at the forefront of efforts to secure institutional backing for the enforcement of the rights of children in Nigeria, as well as the campaign to get more States of the Federation to adopt the Child Rights Law. There have been a number of actions in this area:

The Child Rights Roundtable

The WBF hosted a meeting of all stakeholders to discuss the enforcement of the children’s rights in Kwara, Nigeria. The meeting agreed on modalities for the emancipation of children all over the country, as well as some concrete steps towards introducing institutional backing to protect child rights such as the establishment of Child Protection Networks and Child Rights Implementation Committees.
Led by Mrs Toyin Saraki, the Wellbeing Foundation successfully advocated for the prompt domestication of the Child Rights Act of 2006 in Kwara State, the first state in Northern Nigeria to achieve this key target. 

Pro Bono Legal Services

WBF pays for the services of lawyers to represent many vulnerable people who are in conflict with the laws of the land, especially the victims of oppression.

Juvenile Justice

We also facilitate justice and provide foster homes for juveniles who are in conflict with the law.

Actions for improving the human rights of all Nigerians