Actions on protecting and preserving the
environment in Kwara State


What we’ve done

We are absolutely committed to the preservation of ecological biodiversity and the need to maintain a clean, green environment, as well as instilling the appropriate messages in our children, through:

Alaafia Kwara Clean and Green in Schools

We are currently introducing a programme to inculcate the spirit of environmental friendliness in primary and secondary school students in the state. This is expected to help create a future generation of adults who have respect for their environment and its development.

Rehabilitation and Renovation of Ilorin Metro Park and Children's Ecological Gardens.

Previously known as Ilorin Amusement Park, donated to the Kwara State Government in 1974, the Ilorin Metro Park which hosts the Remembrance Day monument to the Forgotten Soldier, and ancestral cemeteries, had lain abandoned for over 20 years and become a vermin and snake-infested jungle harbouring a single crocodile, one chimpanzee and one roving feral donkey. It was commonly known as a hiding place for substance-abusers and miscreants.

In 2004, the Alaafia Kwara Initiative commenced the facilitation of rehabilitating, re-greening and transforming the Park as a 2-year philanthropic initiative in collaboration with the Office of the First Lady and the supervising Kwara State Ministries of Social Welfare and Agriculture, tasked with permanently undertaking the management of the Park, into an oasis of calm and greenery, providing opportunities for recreation and ecological awareness.

At the 2006 conclusion of the rehabilitation effort, the Ilorin Metropark which remained under the supervision and management of the Kwara State Ministry of Social Welfare contained:

Along with a large children’s playground donated by the Alaafia Kwara Initiative, the completely rehabilitated facility was presented to the Kwara State Government at a ceremony attended by stakeholders on Children’s Day, 27th May, 2006. It’s facilities were open to the public throughout and enjoyed by countless children and families until 29th May 2011.

Kwara Amusement Park

Actions on protecting and preserving the environment in Kwara State