Harmony in a world in crisis.

This World Interfaith Harmony Week, I specially appreciate the good
people and faith leaders of our very dear Kwara State of Harmony!

At its creation on 27th May 1967, the state was made up of the former
Ilorin and Kabba provinces of the then Northern Region and was initially
named the West Central State but later changed to “Kwara”, a local name
for the River Niger.

Kwara State is one of the 36 states that make up the Federal Republic of
Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. Kwara State with a population
over 2.5 million people shares her boundaries with the Republic of Benin
at her West and the Niger River at her North.

The main ethnic groups in Kwara are Fulanis, Nupes, Barubas, and Yoruba,
while the 5 languages spoken in Kwara as the main indigenous languages
are Yoruba, Hausa, Tapa, Ebira and Bariba.

Major towns In Kwara State include the capital Ilorin, Offa, and Jebba,
located on the Niger River. Other cities include Patigi, Erin-lIe,
lIoffa, Adeleke Igbewere, Ejidongari, Osi, Lafiagi, Gure, Afon, Kaiama,
Isanlu-lsin, Omu-Aran, Egbejila, lIota, Iponrin, and Igbaja.

Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State, sits on the boundary between the
predominantly Muslim north and the mainly Christian south and has large
populations of adherents of both faiths; whose intentionally and largely
peaceful co-existence has truly earned the state its epithet of ‘The
State of Harmony’.

It is indeed the state of harmony within Kwara State that inspired,
conceived and birthed the establishment of the @WellbeingAfrica
Foundation’s Alaafia Kwara Initiative to promote the health and
wellbeing of every woman, man, child, youth, and the elderly in every
community across the state, and from birth to age.

We continue to work together, to promote and protect Kwara State’s
harmony as a shining example of the peaceful religious relations and
harmonious coexistence that can be fostered amongst Nigeria’s
multicultural and diverse population, for the betterment of all.

#WorldInterFaithWeek #StateOfHarmony